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Do you want a High-End STEREO Audio Rack that will last a lifetime and made by a real Craftsman?
I make beautiful custom made HIGH-END AUDIO STEREO RACKS that offer GREAT ISOLATION VALUE for your components
They will last your life time and more
Made from Pennsylvania Hard-Woods
NO particle board or Plywood

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This Stand will come unassembled for shipping purposes and it is easy to assemble. It will provide great isolation and immunity from transferring vibration (system and electrical) through the system.
Tiger Rack Stereo Rack Stereo Rack
To modify this rack ot fit your needs Send a Email for a Quote!
This Stand has 4 shelves 2" thick . It is 24"x16" with 4 Cherry post. I can also make the shelves deeper, Send email for Price Quote for deeper shelves. Email link at bottom of the page
Height is 39" with 2 - 10" spaces and 1 - 9" space between the shelves The post are mounted to the sides and Dadoed out 1" deep and 2" high to fit the shelfs into. There is a pilot hole pre tapped for each shelf and all you have to do is match up the numbered shelfs to the numbered posts and screw in the screws with a cordless drill or a hand screw driver. 15 minutes and you are done.
This is a Strong Rack and it is very Attractive

I also offer these in 3 and 2 shelf Versions

You may pay through Paypal by clicking on the Add to cart button. or Send check or Money Order to: Chris Futrick 1214 Lincoln Ave Tyrone Pa 16686 Call 814-684-4112

4 -2" Shlf Tiger Maple Stereo Rack Unfinished $1200.00
4 -2" Shelf Tiger Maple Stereo Rack Satin Lacquer finish $1300.00
3 -2" Shelf Tiger Maple Stereo Rack Unfinished $900.00
3 -2" Shelf Tiger Maple Stereo Rack with Satin Lacquer finish $975.00
2 -2" Shelf Tiger Maple Stereo Rack Unfinished $600.00
2 -2" Shelf Tiger Maple Stereo Rack with Satin Lacquer finish $650.00
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For Special Orders or to pay by Check or Money Order click here
1214 Lincoln Ave.
Tyrone, PA 16686
Phone: 814-684-4112